Why Choose SLV

With over 8,000 square miles of diverse, open terrain, the San Luis Valley UAS Test Center has met 27 of the 28 criteria sought by the FAA. Our multitude of landscapes and climates include breathtaking mountain ranges, scenic sand dunes, extensive agriculture, rich forests, and beautiful rivers. Whether you are looking to further develop your team’s UAS operations, training initiatives, or engage in high-altitude testing, our geographic location, tech-friendly atmosphere and competitive pricing, make the San Luis Valley ideal.

  • 8100 Square Miles of Operations Area
  • 15,000 ft MSL and below
  • 2 airfields approved for UAS operations: 1V8 and 04V
  • Medium size UAS (above 55 lb MTOW) approved
  • Chase Operations approved
  • 7,500 ft AGL for UAS operations (from ground to ceiling at 15,000 ft MSL)