We are committed to keeping our prices competitive, working with a non-established, “as needed”, price structure that is fully customized to meet your specific operational requirements. Our prices are determined by Visual Line of Sight (VLOS), Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS), AGL and overall location access (per FAA definitions), as well as the project timeline.

Monthly and annual rates are available. Hangars, storage and office facilities are accessible (additional charges may apply).

Our contributions to your project include:

  • Initial engagement, project definition and requirements assessment
  • Identifying suitable airspace, launch and recovery locations
  • Obtaining permissions as required (including ground/calibration data/airport)
  • Airport / Commercial Aviation / Air Traffic Control coordination
  • County, BLM, Forest Service, National Park Service, CO Parks & Wildlife, and all other property coordination where required (public & private)
  • Operational safety assessment, as well as safety briefings the first day at each new site
  • Ground support (Food/Accommodations/Transport/Office Space/ Fast Internet Access, etc.)

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