Site Capabilities

We offer a number of valuable services and test center capabilities, to support unmanned systems development and testing.

We can help with all aspects of flight operations and flight testing, and our team is well-versed in all major vehicle, sensor, and software platforms.

We can also assist with locating nearby food & lodging, as well as tax incentives for companies considering locating manufacturing or other operations in the San Luis Valley.

We offer one-on-one and group training to help with flight operations, COA applications, 333 exemptions, part 107 certification, and more.

Our airport facilities include:

  • Personal support and attention
  • Fiber internet connectivity, with 1GB up/down
  • 2 airfields approved for UAS operations: 1V8 and 04V
  • On-site 100′ aerial for infrastructure inspection testing
  • Climate-controlled, secure workspace
  • Secure equipment storage
  • Hangars for larger UAVs

Our COA offers:

  • 8100 Square Miles of Operations Area
  • 15,000 ft MSL and below
  • Medium size UAS (above 55 lb MTOW) approved
  • Chase Operations approved
  • 7,500 ft AGL for UAS operations (from ground to ceiling at 15,000 ft MSL)
  • Varied terrain, from flat agricultural land  to foothills and mountains

For pricing information, have a look at our pricing page. If you are looking for something but don’t see it listed here, please contact us as we can almost certainly make it happen.